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Wozani Berg Gasoline is a Gasoline; Sale & Distribution Company. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and we make a point to do so. With our 200+ staff at the helm, we are able to take on all that this country has to throw at us and more.

Our journey began many years ago when our humble company was contracted by Engen in order to deliver their fuels across the KwaZulu-Natal Region. This reach has of course grown since then and we are now distributing fuels and gasses across the country with coordinated haste.

At Wozani Berg Gasoline (WBG) we believe in integrity, accountability and commitment. It has been these pillars which motivate our customers to do business with us because they know that we are reliable; we are not going to drop them as a client simply because we have attained new business, and we are certainly going to take responsibility for all of our actions.

Our company prides itself on its relationships with all our suppliers, staff and customers. BEE strategies have encouraged better relationships between our suppliers who provide preference to entities such as WBG which are BEE compliant.

Meet The MANCO Team


At WBG we’ve been fortunate enough to have a great managerial driving force thanks to the members of our management committee. A highly skilled team of managers who are dedicated to the running of the diverse sectors of our company. Their experience in the industry allows for efficient project task management and keeps the machine that is WBG in check at every step of the process.

Our Depots Capacity of Up To 4.5 Million Litres Fuel Storage


With over 70 fully loaded tankers, we have an array of both gas and fuel combination hauliers which all meet the specified legislation. These vehicles are then responsible for hauling the fuel to the many depots we have strategically placed all over the country. This is something we feel is truly an accomplishment and we are very proud of what we’ve accomplished with our distribution chain.



In the future, we hope to graduate to be the primary distributor of fuel and gas in South Africa. We wish to continue to provide our employees with the best working provisions to perform their jobs safely and of course, provide the best return on investment possible for our investors.

We will achieve this by staying current, and utilising all new and innovative technologies to improve the industry we are a part of while optimising the services we provide and adding more and more to the value-added benefits of being with WBG.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our website thus far, and we cannot wait to do business with you.


Kind Regards
The Wozani Berg Gasoline Team

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